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Amazon review on the Corny Keg Cooler, CoolBrewCorny 5G

Who is Cool Brewing?

We are a small, family owned busines. Dave, AKA Mr. CoolBrew was a homebrewer in the hot state of Florida. He couldn't control the fermentation temperatures very well, so the first product, the CoolBrewing Fermentation Cooler was created!

More Products

Through the years, we have expanded a bit. We have added keg coolers, ice wraps and Cooler Shocks! We are always trying to make it more convenient and affordable to continue your hobby and share it with others!

Giving Back

As a family, we love helping others! Mrs. CoolBrew is a teacher and we sometimes have foster kiddos in our home. So, we of course have a giving component to our company. CoolerGiving. Helping people in need, one cooler at a time. Every purchase helps to fund this campaign. We are so thankful for every purchase. Always reach out to us for any reason. Cheers! The Vogel Family


We have use 4 5gal. bags + Cold pads during a 10 hours event indoor for kombucha and it only lost 4'C. That's pretty impressive. Can't wait to use it again !

Benoit Daoust

The cool brewing fermentation bag keeps my bucket a cool 64 F even in Florida!! Love it.

Bob Walker

This is an excellent product for keeping a 5 gallon (sixtel) keg of beer cold for a party or afternoon. The quality is pretty good for the price and I like that the lid zips shut and has an opening for the coupler. You could use this with a hand pump or a full CO2 system. You can use Ice or get one of the ice pocket wraps that are sold for it. There is enough room in the cylinder to add ice or use the wrap and keep the beer cold for a while.

Amazon Customer
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